Dockers® x Maud Le Car

We teamed up with pro surfer and activist Maud Le Car to create a limited-edition pullover. Born of our shared passion for environmental conservation, it's crafted exclusively from recycled fabrics - like plastic bottles - and decorated with nature-inspired artwork by Maud herself.

“The drawings symbolize a love for the Earth, and the writing along the neckline reads, ‘Nous sommes la mer’, or ‘we are one ocean’ in English. It has been an honor to partner on this piece with a brand like Dockers® that shares my commitment to sustainable action, and I hope this collaboration will encourage everyone to incorporate habits that protect our planet into their everyday lives.” Maud Le Car

Dockers® x Maud Le Car
The Sweatshirt
In Partnership With
Save La Mermaid

Maud's foundation, Save La Mermaid, works to eliminate ocean pollution through increased awareness and frequent beach cleanups - all the while bringing together those who share a love of the ocean.

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