Live Original

Your story. Your style. Your way.

For the Dockers® Live Original campaign, we linked up with seven inspiring individuals who embody true originality, capturing their unique personalities through how they wear our iconic styles.

Pro Tennis Player
Gaël Monfils

“Being a tennis player means a lot of travel and months far from home. Staying casual and relaxed — but with style — is a priority.”

Gaël Monfils wears:

✔️ The Original Chino in Slim Fit

✔️ The Icon Tee Shirt

✔️ The Regular Fit Trucker Jacket

Pro BMX Flatlander
Matthias Dandois

“Original style means everything. In BMX Flatland, you have to create your own tricks in order to succeed. What comes out of my brain is what defines me.”

Matthias Dandois wears:

✔️ The Original Chino in Slim Fit

✔️ The Icon Tee Shirt

✔️ The Slim Icon Button Up Shirt

Pro Tennis Player
Elina Svitolina

“I’ve always liked classic style on — and off — the court. On court, I wear lots of colors, but off court I’m comfortable and confident in more neutral tones.”

Elena Svitolina wears:

✔️ The Weekend Chino

✔️ The Tank Top

✔️ The Original Shirt

Pro Basketball Player
Jordan Poole

“Originality is whatever you gravitate towards as a first reaction. It’s wearing whatever you feel the most comfortable in.”

Jordan Poole wears:

✔️ The Original Chino in Straight Fit

✔️ The Original Shirt Slim

✔️ The Icon Tee Shirt

Taylor Hill

“I like practical and comfortable wardrobe staples that will get a lot of wear and use.”

Taylor Hill wears:

✔️ Carpenter Pants

✔️ Slim Fit Knit Tank

✔️ Original Shirt

Nicole Zignago

“Living in many different countries has definitely influenced my style.”

Nicole Zignago wears:

✔️ Original Pleated High Wide Khaki Pants

✔️ Cropped Cardigan Sweater

✔️ Button Back Blouse

Pro Mountain Biker
Johny Salido

“My style hasn’t changed much since becoming a public figure. I am the same little kid having fun on and off the bike wearing the same kind of clothes — always soft!”

Johny Salido wears:

✔️ Straight Fit California Chino

✔️ The Icon Tee Shirt

✔️ The Original Shirt Slim

Live Original
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Live Original
Discover Dockers® Ambassadors