Dockers® + Waves For Water

The city of Manta, Ecuador, is a vibrant port city celebrated for its rich fishing grounds, world-class surfing spots, and dynamic cultural scene. However, amidst its vibrancy, certain communities in the region grapple with challenges related to accessing and storing clean drinking water. To address this pressing issue, local restaurant owner Rodrigo Pacheco, in collaboration with Jon Rose & Waves 4 Water, has joined forces with Dockers® to implement clean water solutions for these underserved communities.

Together, Jon and Rodrigo have spearheaded the distribution of over 1000 filtration systems, installed six community water storage systems, and erected two rain catchment tanks. These efforts are expected to positively impact the lives of approximately 22,000 individuals in the region. Through this partnership, Dockers® and Waves 4 Water demonstrate their unwavering commitment to providing sustainable clean water solutions not only in Manta but on a global scale. Ecuador stands as a crucial component of this ongoing initiative, highlighting the collective dedication to improving access to clean water resources worldwide.

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  • “An important part of this mission in Ecuador, distributing the waste for water filters, was to train some trainers and also inspire the future generations.” -Jon Rose, Founder of Waves 4 Water